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Venus - Goddess of Love and Affections

How Do I Love Thee - Money, Sex or Passion

Why is it that some people are so cuddly, warm and affectionate while others cringe at the thought of being hugged? Many of us know couples who have been together for years and yet display little or no affection toward one another, and others that can’t seem to keep their hands off each other.

Venus is the planet in our birth chart that shows us how we display our affections to others, or how uncomfortable we feel in showing our love. Venus instills the need for beauty, harmony, pleasure and sometimes indulgence in our lives. Venus represents the attraction principle, that ability to draw into our lives the people, circumstances and partners that will satisfy what we are seeking to make our life comfortable, secure, and complete. The sign placement of Venus in our chart shows how we express our affections and how we go about getting what we want. It is Venus that shows us what we are looking for in a relationship. So let’s take a brief look and see how Venus operates in the four elements – fire, earth, air and water.

Fire Signs - Waves of Passion

Venus in the fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) represents a love life that needs excitement, passion, adventure and romance. Fire signs are restless and impulsive and want instant gratification of their physical needs and pleasures.

Venus in Aries brings on strong passions and aggressiveness. Impulsive and idealistic in its approach to love, they often have difficulty sustaining a long term, nurturing relationship as they often tire quickly of relationships. But if you are looking for someone to light up your flames of passion, if only for a brief time, connect with this one!

Venus in Leo is a strong passionate sign and loves to dramatize emotional experiences. Honest, loyal and affectionate, Venus in Leo has a warm-heartedness that draws others to them. They can be haughty and showy and think rather highly of themselves but there is none more affectionate than your Venus in Leo partner. You just got to love them!

Watch out for Venus in Sagittarius! They can love you or leave you standing at the altar. They have a breezy attitude toward love and are not always dependable where affections are concerned. They run from the gambler type who loves fun and a good time to the philosophical idealist. Either way your love life will never be dull with a Venus in Sag!

Earth signs – Show Me the Money

Venus in the earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) represents a strong sensuality and love of physical pleasures of life. Remember, Venus is the goddess of love and pleasure and what better planet to bestow the indulgences of pleasure and love of material security than on those born with Venus in the earth signs.

Venus in Taurus displays a strong sensual type who reacts strongly to feelings and emotions. Material possessions are important because Taurus is the sign that brings everything into focus on the material plane. Those with Venus in Taurus can be silently stubborn and quite possessive of their loved one. Yet they are strongly affectionate and passionate and there is no one more loyal or committed to the object of their affections.

Venus in Virgo is not always a happy combo. Virgo is not an overly affectionate energy and Venus in Virgo tends to focus on every flaw in their partner instead of the positive traits. The art of loving does not flow easily for this sign. Supposedly, this is because karmically they have been too unloving and superficial in past lifetimes and need to learn in this lifetime that love walks out the door when they harp on perfectionism and criticism. Venus in Virgo’s lesson is to “lighten up” and let the love energy flow!

Venus in Capricorn carries the Saturn influence of seriousness, caution and pride. There is a reserve in expressing feelings, perhaps from a desire to shield oneself from hurt. Venus in Capricorn often feels uncomfortable being demonstrative or passionate (that is not to say they don’t need or want the love and passion!). This placement intensifies ambition and a desire for prestige and status. Venus in Capricorn wants half your stock options and the keys to your BMW as a token of your love for them.

Air Signs – Talk to Me

Venus in the air signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) represents a need to establish relationships with those they can communicate with on an intellectual level. Lovers and partners come to them through an appreciation of the intellectual compatibility between them.

Venus in Gemini is light, witty, and charming, yet oh so superficial! They do not often feel strong passions as their emotions are sifted through the mind instead of the feeling nature. They make great companions if you do not try to pin down their butterfly nature. Possibly the only hope of catching this social butterfly is to be as socially and intellectually exciting as they are for they can get bored easily with relationships. If you’re looking for an emotionally intense relationship, stay away from Venus in Gemini!

Libra is the ruler of Venus and thus at her best in this sign. Because of the airy, intellectual quality of Libra, this is a refined and artistic energy. Venus in Libra expresses herself on the mental and spiritual levels rather than on the physical plane. Harmony, balance and a calming surrounding are important to this sign. Any discordance in their personal relationship sends them into a state of anxiety, totally throwing off the scales of balance.

Venus in the air sign of Aquarius is cool and detached. Venus in Aquarius individuals can function well in friendships and in groups, but when it comes to personal relationships they often crumble. Venus in Aquarius finds it difficult to understand strong emotional attachments for once again (the air thing!) they sift their feelings through the mental plane. Venus in Aquarius individuals will face many challenges in life learning about personal lovingness and understanding.

Water signs – Embrace Me

Venus in the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) possesses a deep emotional and sentimental nature. While there are strong affections, Venus in this sign is forever looking for security, whether this shows up through dependency on persons or material possessions.

Venus in Cancer operates subconsciously, as it is completely emotional and instinctual in its dependency and search for security. There is a strong loyalty to family and quite sentimental in their love and affections. Because of their lack of aggressiveness and quiet charm, people with Venus in Cancer are well liked. They tend to be the mothering type, love children, and family life. If you’re looking for a nurturing mate this is the one!

Those with Venus in Scorpio have a strong (I mean strong!) passion and aggressiveness. They are very attractive to the opposite sex, yet their love life can often be a stormy one until they transform their animal passions into the higher plane of redeeming love. They can be somewhat cruel or suffer from cruelty because of karma tied with the misuse of the love principle. They are loyal but quite jealous and suspicious of their loved ones. If you’re looking for a heart-wrenching volatile relationship, get involved with this one!

Venus in Pisces has to be one of the hardest of all for they tend to draw to themselves partners that need “fixing”, and Venus in Pisces is self-sacrificing to the point of nausea! Not only are they extremely romantic and idealistic, they are also highly emotional, compassionate and sensitive and often suffer through love. We only hope along life’s journey they will rise out of the love martyr syndrome and find their true spiritual soul mate, for if any sign deserves it, it is Venus in Pisces.

Venus Types

How do we ever connect with another when we have so many different Venus types? Some people need affection; others need mental stimulation or material security to thrive in a relationship. Still others need the strong passion and impulsive nature that fire signs provide. Often we see couples who seem to show no affections for one another but stay together forever. Other couples are wrapped up in intense emotional dramas with one another, yet stay together for years in an emotionally volatile relationship. The sign placement of Venus shows us the type of relationship we need in order to feel loved, fulfilled and connected to others. The air signs do it through mental exchange, earth signs through a practical commitment to each other, water signs through deep emotional ties and needs, and fire signs through the ardent expression of passion and desire. At some point we all seem to connect with a Venus partner that serves our own inner needs and desires!


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