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Accolades for Judy Lundquist - An Astrologers Life

Hi Judy,

Sherry here, you did my reading back in September. I just wanted to let you know that I laughed when you said in my reading that I would be pregnant in the 'next couple of months, or beginning of the year'. Well, you hit that one. I am 8 weeks along; I thought you would appreciate that ;)

You have hit everything on the head........the stress is still there.........many things hanging in the wind. Waiting for summer! Thats when the levels are suppossed to go down. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I was so impressed with you...

Thanks, Judy!! ;)

Sherry from Kansas City


Your newsletter is so on target it's amazing!!! I've forwarded it to 2 very special people in my life…..MY OH MY!! just amazing . You are a gift Judy, REALLY, a true lightkeeper that enlightens folks that may not understand astrology and the affects it has on every person, spirit, global event and beyond! I even submitted a question and hope I get chosen as it is so important to me personally but to others that I want to help as well as I KNOW I would be so good at helping them.

I just wanted to thank you for sending this newsletter to me…!

Big hug with all sincerity,

Sue - Kansas City

Hi...remember my friend Sandy? You did a reading for her???  ...anyway, you told her she was going to have a romance/relationship soon??? Well she just laughed at that cause of where she lives/and the fact that she goes no where/not looking/etc..anyway, she's right in the middle of a new romance.  It started about 2 weeks ago.  Just thought you'd like to know that you were right on... :)

Lynn - Kansas City

Hi Judy,

I wanted to tell you that I shared our discussion of the charts and astro cartography and he loved it.  Especially the part about his job at ******** being a good place for him. 

Thanks again Judy for a wonderful reading!

Glenda - Kansas City


Julie was simply delighted with her reading, and that is putting it mildly! I can't thank you enough, it has given her renewed hope.

Have a Wonderful season. Talk to you soon. 

Trisha - Missouri  

Hi Judy,

Would you be available to work on Saturday as well as Sunday? Thanks for all your help! And thanks for the reading. It was really right on. I'm always amazed.

Kansas City

Hi Judy,

Just wanted to tell you again how much we loved the reading. It was quite interesting. . It also helped to know why I could be doing really, really well one month and then the bubble would burst the next. THANKS AGAIN!


Hi Judy
I was wanting to know if you could maybe do a forecast reading for me. Again thank you very much for the reading in September, I was very impressed.
Sarah - Kansas City

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