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February Monthly Forecast

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February 2011 Monthly Forecast

The Love Boat, exciting and new, come along, we’re expecting YOU!!!  Wow, when I was a young teenager I couldn’t wait to watch another episode of the popular TV show The Love Boat (and that popular theme song!). Every week someone was falling in love, then out of love, then back in love.  Love and romance blossoming on a cruise skip. How romantic!

What a great setting for lonely people, recently widowed or recovering from a life threatening illness finding romance on a ship.  By some unforeseen fate they meet, fall in love, part ways, and in the final minutes of the show they miraculously reunite and stroll hand in hand down the misty deck.  At that time it was my favorite show, and one of the most popular shows on TV.  Why?  Because it was about love!  It’s about Cupid’s arrow striking on a cruise ship.  It can happen anywhere!

Every one of us has an instinctual need and desire to merge with another, to be loved, and to give love.  Maybe not all at the same time, but it is a basic need.  I’ve seen even my most commitment phobic friends glue themselves to the TV immersed in watching “The Bachelor”.

The love energy keeps us alive, glowing and passionate about life.  We are social creatures and we all have a need on various levels to connect with others.  Our inner nature is not to be alone.  We’ve all heard the saying “Love makes the work go round!” and it does in more ways than we know.

Aahh, that brings us to Valentine’s Day!  The expectation of love blossoming, engagement rings, red roses, ruby heart shaped pendants, and romantic dinners.  And guys, you know this is not just about the gals.  Men have just as much need to know they are loved and appreciated.  Men love romance too!

The moon moves into the sign of Cancer in the early morning hours of Valentine’s Day.  The moon is in its own sign in Cancer, bringing out deep emotions, reflections of the past, sentimental thoughts. Emotional security highlights the day.  Feelings can be volatile, deep and easily hurt. 

Venus, the planet symbolizing how we express our emotions in love relationships and go about getting our romantic needs met, is in the pragmatic sign of Capricorn starting on the 4th of this month, moving into the more altruistic sign of Aquarius in first days of March.

 So how are the planetary energies affecting your love life during this special month? Read on….

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Tid Bits

What is Synastry?

Synastry is the comparison of two individual charts to see how the energies blend with one another. This is often done for charts of those involved in a romantic relationship, but it can be done for a parent/child or for a boss/employee or any type of interaction. For a romantic relationship, it will show the level of chemistry, will it last, is it just a sexual fling, will they be comfortable around one another for long periods of time and so on.

For example:

Let’s say Sally has her sun in Leo and Sam has his Saturn in Leo, close to the same degree.  Then through synastry – the chart comparison of both charts - Sally’s Leo would be in a close degree to Sam’s Saturn.  Sam having his Saturn “sitting” on Sally’s Sun may make Sally feel like Sam puts a damper on her Leo spontaneity and fun. Sam (having responsible Saturn) may feel that Sally does not take life seriously enough. Sally may feel like Sam, is the “strict parent” telling her to “grow up” when she is just being her playful Leo self!

But the Saturn interplay is also a strong binding energy, so even if Sam puts a damper on Sally’s Leo personality, there is a strong bond that binds the two of them together. A strong Saturn link is often an indication of longevity in a relationship. Like the wedding vows ‘for better or for worse”, Saturn is the binding energy between two couples. They may not even like one another but they can’t seem to leave!

The rings of Saturn are symbolic of the wedding rings we wear on our finger. Marriage is a legally binding institution, it’s very Saturian. It is not like a Cinderella ball!

It vitally important to have a synastry chart done before anyone is seriously considering marriage or a long term live in situation. Having a synastry chart done could save you years of heartache or confirm that you and your mate have a great star line up.

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