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What is a Natal Chart?

The basis of astrology is, of course, the relationship of the Sun, Moon and other planets of the solar system to the Earth and its inhabitants. The basic chart in astrology is the natal chart. The majority of astrologers consider the moment of your first protesting cry into the world to be the instant that you are born. The horoscope is a snapshot of the universe as it exists at that particular moment. This is your natal chart and it is the "blueprint" of your life on planet Earth. Planets are placed in a circular diagram called the chart wheel. The wheel is a miniature diagram of what the sky looked like at the moment of your birth as seen from your birthplace. When we say that you are a Gemini, for instance, we mean that that the Sun was passing through the sign of Gemini (a group of stars named Gemini) at the time of your birth.

The natal chart shows the characteristics, temperament, abilities, and faults with which you were born, the kind of issues that will face you in life. Musical and artistic abilities, mental brilliance, mathematical aptitude, stubbornness, laziness, introversion or extroversion, are all revealed in the birth chart. All of us have a free will and a choice of responses to any given set of circumstances. A great musical gift can lie within a person, but if the person chooses not to use it, it is useless.

Greed and generosity, kindness and cruelty, compassion and aloofness, brilliance and mediocrity, sexual perversion and universal love, deceit and honesty, all make themselves known to the experienced astrologer. In fact, if some people knew what the chart shows to the professional astrologer, they might not be so willing to reveal their birth information!

Hence, astrology can give us insight into ourselves, our motivation, impulses, strengths and weaknesses, and once we understand just what the good and bad points are, we can choose to do something about them. An understanding of your birth chart will allow you to take your life into your own hands and intelligently utilize the planetary influences that will help you in gaining a broader insight into yourself.

What is a Solar Return Chart?

The Solar Return is configured on your birthday when the Sun returns to its natal position by sign and degree. When you are born, the Sun in your chart has a specific position in the zodiac (let's say 23° Aries). At some point in time during each year, the transiting Sun returns to it's natal position by degree and sign of 23°Aries (this may actually fall a day earlier or later than your actual birthday). A chart is calculated for that date and calculated to where you are currently living at the time of the return ( If you were born in California, but are living in New York, then the Solar Return would be calculated for New York). The Solar Return is a very useful tool as it brings a new cycle into your life and a new theme to be played out for the current year. It is an overview of what is going to be happening in your life for the coming year. It will allow you to view the opportunities, challenges, relationship and career issues that you may encounter during the coming year.
What is a Compatibility Report?

You have that star crossed look in your eyes and you've fallen deeply in love. But will that feeling last or will it wither on the vine? Is it fate or just two ships passing in the night? Love has been with us since the beginning of time from Adam and Eve, to Romeo and Juliet to Samson and Delilah to Bogie and Bacall. Love is not the problem. The problem lies in recognizing the difference between infatuation, emotion, sexual desire, dependency, loyalty and trust or mistrust of the other person. Is there hope for long term love and compatibility? Mankind, with its record of broken marriages, despair and disillusionment, is obviously not very good at making these distinctions. Can astrology help? Yes. In the same way that advance knowledge can usually help in any human situation. And there probably is no situation as human and universal as love. Astrology has established degrees of compatibility that exist between people born under the various signs. Because people are individuals, there are numerous variations and modifications and the astrologer, when approached on relationship and marriage matters makes allowances for them. But the fact remains that some people are suited for each other and some are not. No matter how much enjoyment and pleasure we find in the different aspects of each other's character, if there is not an overall compatibility, the chances of finding fulfillment or securing happiness in each other are pretty hopeless.

Two people who are contemplating a serious relationship or marriage should have their charts compared. Such a comparison will show their areas of compatibility and areas where tension might exist. This can be done by reading a compatibility report based on both individuals' birth data or by seeking out a professional astrologer who is skilled in analyzing the birth charts of both individuals'. While the Sun signs may indicate that the energies of a Cancer and Sagittarius might not blend well together, the actual birth chart of both may show strong indications of good compatibility. A good astrologer looks beyond just Sun sign compatibility.

The marriage of Nicole Brown Simpson and O.J. Simpson was one of much passion, intensity, and jealously; two individuals intertwined in a pervasive love-hate relationship. They were strongly attracted to one another but the deep incompatibility in their basic makeups caused many separations, mental and physical abuse and emotional upheavals in their marriage. Is this the price we pay for love? A deep analysis of their charts could have revealed the outcome.

If everybody would either have a comparison reading done or learn to compare charts themselves, many unhappy marriages would be avoided, and many who are unhappily married would either be able to see where the source of unhappiness lay and clear it away or decide to seek partners with whom they are compatible. Many couples who cannot be good marriage partners may be perfectly good friends. Partnerships, particularly business partnerships, are another factor which can be helped with these charts. Many people who would make good business partners might totally fail as marriage partners.

Astrology can help guide us to find someone with whom we can enjoy not only a long term loving relationship but one with a high degree of compatibility.

What are Transits?

Transits are the positions where the various planets are located in space at any given time. The astrologer then uses these positions to calculate just where these placements are for a given day and time in relation to an individuals' natal chart. Transits are a powerful tool used by astrologers to help indicate the timing of certain events, such as the best time to enter into a partnership (business or marriage), to change careers or start your own business, to approach a publisher about your book, to buy or sell your home, along with many other life challenges and opportunities.

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