Judy Lundquist
Professional Astrologer
JudyL@An-Astrologers-Life.com - 913-269-7390

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About Judy Lundquist

Judy Lundquist is the driving force behind An-Astrologers-Life. Judy's interest in astrology began in college. It was more to disprove the validity of astrology. Judy had read Linda Goodman's Sun Sign book and found it surprisingly accurate. However, she was still skeptical. The more she studied astrology the more convinced she became that the cosmos speaks its own language.

Judy has been a professional astrologer for over 35 years. She specializes in natal and yearly forecast readings, helping clients navigate through challenging life periods as well as targeting the most opportune times for career, relationship and personal growth. Judy also specializes in horary astrology, which can answer a client's burning and often time sensitive question.

Judy has written numerous published articles on astrology along with counseling hundreds of clients. She holds BA degrees in mathematics and psychology from the University of Montana and is past president of the Aquarian Organization of Astrologers (AOA). For the past 25 years, Judy has also given astrological readings at the AOA booth at the Renaissance festival. Judy is a certified horary astrologer.

Judy can be contacted by e-mail or by phone at 913-269-7390.

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