0 Judy Lundquist is available for Live Astrological Consultations by phone.

Judy Lundquist
Professional Astrologer
JudyL@An-Astrologers-Life.com - 913-269-7390

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Astrology Readings by Judy Lundquist, Professional Astrologer

Judy is available for private phone readings. Contact Judy at 913-269-7390.

Judy’s insightful and compassionate consultations will guide you in understanding yourself, your talents, your challenges and abilities and how to use them to your best advantage. Judy will help you unfold your soul’s purpose for being here and how to lead a happier, more successful and harmonious life.

Natal Chart Reading - Live Out Your Full Potential

This is an eye opening reading. What are you here to learn and experience? How can you ensure a successful relationship or career? Find out what holds you back from having the kind of life you want and how to best use your talents and resources to fulfill your life's purpose. You will come away with a clear understanding of yourself and your life potential. The session will also include an overview of any upcoming major events, changes and opportunities in your life. Judy will answer any questions you have.

Natal Chart Reading - 1 hour $165.00


Six Month Forecast Reading - What's going to happen next?

Discover what life altering changes and events lay ahead and the reason for them happening. We will discuss when to expect these events and how to best handle them. Some will be opportunities and some heavy challenges. Judy can help you understand what is happening and why, and help with important life decisions at this time. Judy will answer any questions you have.

Forecast reading - 1 hour $165.00

Relationships Reading - Make the most of your relationship

This in depth reading explores the many aspects of your chart with another. Whether a business, parent child or personal relationship, the reading will uncover priceless information regarding the chemistry and interplay between the two charts. Is there a soul link or karmic purpose that brought you together? What are you to learn or accomplish together? What are the areas of compatibility and support or conflict and tension? What potential challenges do you face? Is it a match made in heaven or do you need to show your partner the door? For a business relationship reading, the financial potential will be addressed. Judy will answer any questions you have. This is a must have reading for anyone considering a long term relationship or business partnership.

Relationship reading - 1 hour $165.00

Birthday Reading (Solar Return) - What theme will play out in the coming year?

The Solar Return chart is calculated for the exact moment in time the transiting Sun returns to the same degree as your natal Sun, on or around your birthday each year. The Solar Return chart (or Birthday Chart) is a powerful tool for understanding the theme that will play out for your upcoming solar return year. Judy will also include any transits that will have a major impact on your life over the coming year.

Birthday reading - 1 hour $165.00

Horary Reading - Do you have a burning question?

Sometimes clients will ask questions that cannot be answered by looking at the natal chart or transits. So how do I give them an answer? I do this by erecting a horary chart.

Perhaps your question is:

Should I buy this house?
Should I sell my house?
Should I take this job offer?
Which of the two colleges should my daughter go to?
Will my brother pay back the loan?
Is my fiance seeing someone else?
Should I hire this person?
Do I have the right lawyer for my divorce?
Will the bank give me the loan?
Should I go into business with this person?

Horary astrology answers a specific question based upon a chart set up for the exact time and place the question was asked. Horary is an extremely accurate branch of astrology.

No birth chart is needed!

Horary Reading - One question - $75.00
Horary Reading - Two question - $130.00


Please contact me via email or phone at 913-269-7390. We can discuss any questions you may have and set up a time for the consultation.

Payment is expected prior to the appointment.

If for some reason you cannot keep the appointment, we can reschedule. However, if you cancel and do not wish to reschedule, there is no refund on payment. I put the needed time and work into each and every chart and there is no way I can get that time back.

Payment can be made by check or paypal

All consultations are done via phone or skype.

When you are ready for a reading I will send you a paypal request for paymennt.

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