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Uranus and the Wisdom of Insight

Personal Transformations and Enlightenment in the Aquarian Age

There has been much talk about the Age of Aquarius, the leap into a new higher consciousness, new spiritual insights and humanitarian endeavors. Uranus is currently around 16 degrees of Aquarius (during the month of June). The planet Uranus rules the sign of Aquarius, and currently Uranus is in the sign of Aquarius. Since Uranus signifies freedom, rebellion, creativity and insight, Uranus in Aquarius has a double impact in bringing about the energies of this planet.

Uranus has always been affecting change in people for eons of time, even before we knew of its discovery in 1781. Uranus takes 84 years to orbit the Sun and stays in one sign about seven years. It entered the sign of Aquarius around January 1996 and will stay in that sign until March 2003.

In Greek mythology, Uranus is the God of the Heavens, or Sky God, having been born from Gaea (the earth mother). Mythologically, the Sky God Uranus represents the primary male energy. Uranus represents the brilliant, clear truth, not softened in any way by the female energy. Uranus also rules the central nervous system so it can cause changes in our physical bodies. It is Uranus’s grandson Zeus whose picture in mythology books we often see standing on a cloud with the lightning bolt in his hand ready to strike fury.

Personal Changes for Fixed Signs

Many individuals are going through major upheavals in their personal lives, their close relationships or in their career. Why is this happening? Individuals with sun signs of Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio and Taurus, in particular, appear to be currently affected by major life changes. This is because Uranus has recently or will soon be forming a conjunction, opposition, or square to their natal charts. These four signs are all “fixed” signs, and by nature “fixed” signs tend to resist change and can be quite stubborn about feeling forced to change!

As if our Aquarian friends aren’t eccentric enough (thanks to their rulership of Uranus) we have the planet Uranus suddenly bringing in more insights to these already highly attuned independent thinkers. Do they seem to be getting a bit more eccentric? – Perhaps, and we wouldn’t think it would bother an Aquarian in the least. However, some of them who don’t have a good grounding of Saturn in their chart (Saturn being the earth god, and also son of Uranus), find this time to be upsetting because they have had to struggle often times throughout their lives with not feeling connected to the earth. Those without a good Uranus/ Saturn balance can feel quite ungrounded and disconnected during this time.

Leos are finding their creativity and zest for living opening up at this time. This is the opportune time to express their talents; to go for that job that gives them more individual creativity and opportunity for expressing their unique talents. They may find their warm and generous heart opening up to more of the collective whole, getting more involved with humanitarian pursuits, or ready to start a new creative venture.

Of the four ‘fixed’ signs, Scorpio and Taurus may have a harder time dealing with the sudden changes. Scorpio being a fixed water sign and Taurus being a fixed earth sign tend to want to hold on to structure and the status quo more so than Leo and Aquarius. They don’t like change. They like to be in their comfort zone knowing that life is stable and dependable and has some order to it.

You Mean I’m really not Crazy!

I have seen clients breathe a sigh of relief after explaining to them that planetary energies are triggering needed changes in their lives. I hear from clients “I really thought I was going crazy”, or “I was ready to commit myself to a mental hospital”. When we try to suppress these energies or we don’t let the energies come out in whatever fashion it needs to occur by changing our lifestyle in some fashion, we become agitated, irritable, impatient and can’t put our finger on what is wrong.

During the time that Uranus is in Aquarius (and again depending on the aspects it makes to your natal chart), we can begin to break out of old mental paradigms, and often feel the urge to involve ourselves in some sort of spiritual improvement, often times moving into areas of metaphysics or astrology. Without Uranus, we would not have the kind of abrupt changes in our lives that hopefully will move us forward. Without change we grow stagnant and a part of us dies slowly, a little bit each day. Uranus is that brilliant spark of cold truth that zaps us when we least expect it and shocks us into making some needed changes in our lives.

People who are going through heavy Uranus transits tell me that it is like getting hit with a bolt of lightning! All of a sudden it becomes clear that something has to change, even if the new direction is not quite defined yet. It’s when you wake up one morning and exclaim “I don’t need to take this emotional and physical abuse in my marriage anymore!” and after 12 years of marriage you suddenly walk away without looking back. Or perhaps it’s that sick feeling you get in your stomach every morning when you go to work at a job you hate because you need the money. Then Uranus hits a personal point in your chart and you “wake up” and realize “I can’t do this anymore. I need to do something that makes me happy and fulfilled.” Now, that’s Uranus!

Getting To the Other Side

Human beings tend to be creatures of habit, and we get locked into our habits. We often resist change because we don’t know what lies ahead. Better to stay in a dead end job, an emotionally abusive but financially secure marriage where we know what we have than venture out into unknown waters. Life change can be scary! So when Uranus unexpectedly charges up emotional stirrings in our consciousness, it is often a time of crisis. I had a client, a Scorpio woman, who came to me in a state of crisis (I have her permission to comment on this). I saw her at the time Uranus was coming to an exact square to her natal sun. She thought she was absolutely going out of her mind. She felt the overwhelming need to make major changes in her life, especially in her job, but the fear of losing the financial stability was causing anxiety and confusion. She “knew” (the Uranus gift of wisdom) that she needed to make some new starts and felt prodded to venture out into the ominous unknown in search of something she was not even sure she was looking for.

It often takes several months just to be able to integrate these new energy shifts from our subconscious (where it was residing) and bring it out into our conscious awareness. Uranus is helping to push us forward, yes, often in a rather abrupt manner, to bring this insight and change into our conscious awareness.

When I spoke with my Scorpio client recently, she said she is going back to school to pursue a career in interior design. She is excited about relocating to California where she has wanted to return for many years. She is feeling a new sense of fun and aliveness in her life, and dating again (after living a reclusive life for seven years!). The impending change that was once downright scary for her has turned in to a new sense of aliveness and she is looking forward to the new challenges ahead.

The Wisdom of Uranus

From the moment we get up in the morning we blast on the car radio, we are told what to do when we get to work, and when we return home we mesmerize our dull existence by flaking out in front of the TV, or drinking (or drugging) too much. How many of us take the time to turn off the external noises and get in tune with ourselves? If we have done our inner work well, then when Uranus zaps us like that lightning bolt out of the blue, the unexpected changes aren’t quite so overwhelming. We are then ready to adjust to the suddenly sweeping changes that are the gifts from the universe telling us our time has come on the cosmic clock for change. Opportunities, growth, wisdom, and creativity. These are the gifts from the universe. This is the wisdom of insight of Uranus!


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