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Spiritual Essence of the Fire Signs

Flames of Passion, Flames of Spirit

In my last column, I wrote about the spiritual essence of our sun signs. I realized I had a difficult time trying to do justice to all of the twelve sun signs and discovered a multitude of pages I had to condense. The significance of the sun sign is so important in understanding the spiritual essence of our lives I felt I needed to do another column and elaborate even further on the significance of each sun sign. As mentioned in the last column, there are four elements; fire, earth air and water. Each of the 12 sun signs resonates to one of these four elements. This month I would like to expand on the fire signs; Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

The sun is the giver of life. When astrology books tell you that you are a Capricorn or Pisces, etc. it means that the sun was passing through the sign of Capricorn or Pisces at the time of your birth. I believe each one of us is born under our particular sun sign in order to experience that sun sign’s energy. The twelve signs of the zodiac represent the twelve different manners in which we express our ego, the ego being our sense of identity. In addition to the positive qualities the sun sign emanates, we also have the challenge of the energies for the soul that incarnated into a particular sun sign. For instance, Sagittarians have chosen to be born into that sign to learn different dimensions of ego development than let’s say one born under the sun sign of Cancer. So, on to the fire signs!

Aries - the Flame Ignites

As the name implies, those born under the fire sign energies are often the most dynamic and enthusiastic of the sun signs. They view life as a challenge and each day is a new opportunity for discovery. No one can make you laugh harder or bring up your spirits like a fire sign. Their inner nature is bubbling with optimism and enthusiasm and a strong passion for life.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and also the first of the fire signs. It begins at the first point of spring, the vernal equinox. Aries energy represents the burst into springtime and the time of youthful innocence and exploration, like a child beginning to explore his world around him, full of enthusiasm and exuberance. Aries energy is an ego development that is new and rather childlike in its outlook, like a child who is so self absorbed that he hardly notices that there is anyone else around. Aries have often been given the bad rap of being rather insensitive or egotistical. Yet it is not really this so much as their self-absorbed perception of the world that often thrusts them into bold new adventures. (To go where no man has gone before – I hear that from Star Trek and it reminds me of an Aries every time!). Aries energy is like the excitement in a child’s eyes when he sees the first burst of flames in a fire. If your sun is in Aries your identity lies in getting things started. You are the bold trailblazer, taking the initiative and finding after you do that people follow you. You are a leader, not a follower. Aries is the sign of starting energy, leaving to the other signs (such as the next sign Taurus) such virtues as patience and persistence. Aries individuals love to get themselves and others all fired up to join them in a new venture and after everyone else is plodding along on that venture they are on to another exciting project. Like a precocious child, Aries get bored quickly and needs the kind of work in which every day brings in new challenges and new beginnings.

Leo – the Full Blaze of Ego

Leo is the next sign of the fire signs. The second of the summer signs, Leo comes at that time of year when most forms of vegetation have achieved their full maturity. Whereas Aries represents starting energy, Leo, the second of the fire signs represents the full blaze of an ego well under way. During July and August when the sun’s ray are the strongest (in the Northern Hemisphere), my thoughts turn to my dynamic Leo friends. As the sun is the center of the solar system, so Leos (ruled by the sun) also tend to be the center of their world, in an outwardly radiating, life-giving manner. We all have something of Leo in us, the need to have a sense of personal self-worth. If you are a Leo, your progress lies in a genuine self-offering in the service of others. Your ego essence lies with your inner affinity with the sun, your ruler, whose gift to the solar system are its light and energy. Leo’s influence represents man’s sense of authority at its height. Leos express their sense of ego identity by their impressive actions, bold personality and need to stand out above others. Leos, like, Aries, are often born leaders, but their leadership is of a majestic nature, with a strong and secure sense of authority, as opposed to the restless, impulsive energy of Aries. If the strong radiating energies of Leo are not in proper balance, they may begin to consume life, instead of nurture it. Such an imbalance of energy can produce an inflated ego or a tendency to be showy and attention seeking. They need to concentrate more on the effect of their outward radiance rather than on the pure source of it in themselves. It is important for Leos to know that there are others who receive and appreciate their light. Leo’s focus is to radiate their light and energy from the sun’s rays on giving, not receiving. On a higher level, this can mean a generous and serving spirit. - A spiritual path that lies in genuine offering of themselves in service to others. On a lower level, this can imply a tendency to be insensitive to the feelings of others, with an inability to really listen to or receive from others. Of all the signs, Leos have the greatest power to radiate their love and blessings outward to all of mankind.

Sagittarius – The Flame of Inspiration

Sagittarius is the last of the fire signs and the last of the autumn signs. It represents the soaring upward of the flame in a bonfire, flickering and vanishing into the night. The ego expression of Sagittarius is aspiration, an all encompassing search for a feeling of universal awareness. Sagittarians, with their power to lift the mind into the freedom of universal wisdom, have a remarkable capacity for enthusiasm. Whereas Aries represents starting energy, Leo represents the full blaze of an ego, Sagittarius represents the ideal outcome, the release of energy for a more universal understanding. Unless they can find someone whose mental influence gives them the sense of expansion that they need, they keep relationships more on a friendship level rather than develop close personal relationships. Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, and Jupiter’s expansive influence is to help man expand his awareness toward cosmic consciousness. Sagittarians enjoy having plenty of movement and change in their lives. Yet it is only when they learn to focus all their energy into a single ray of aspiration that their enthusiasm can be a clear channel for divine joy. The instinctive goal of life is to expand our awareness of consciousness. The basic obstacles to this expansion are for most of us, first, our attachment to our ego, second, the tendency for us to seek to overcome the ego by identifying with a divine source. The third obstacle, a common Sagittarian trait, is to think lofty thoughts while overlooking the need for practical applications of spiritual principles. Sagittarians see things in relation to universal realities. While one of the Sagittarian weaknesses is in attention to details, their truly universal view of life attunes them to seek soul consciousness.

Gifts of the fire signs:

The spiritual essence of the fire sign sun signs is to allow for a sense of spirit to flow into our lives. Fire signs possess the fiery spirit – they have the spiritual quality that opens mankind into new dimensions of life as they spread their flames into higher dimensions of inspiration, love and spiritual growth. Our fire sign individuals are here to ignite the way and keep the flames of passion and our divine sense of spirit burning in our lives. They radiate love, joy, truth and a strong zest for life, which is our divine right. They have been born under one of these fire signs to spread this out for all others to be touched by the flames of spirit.


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