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Earth Signs – Grounding Our Spiritual Reality

Our Spiritual Connections to Mother Earth

In last month’s article, I expressed the importance of the life energies of the sun signs. Last month’s column was devoted to the spiritual essence of the fire signs. This month I would like to continue with the dynamics of the sun signs and elaborate on the earth signs – Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

The earth signs, as the name implies, represents grounded or sustaining energy. Individuals born under one of these three signs resonate to a grounding energy. They are of an earthy nature, gravitating toward earthy pleasures of money, status, material comforts, financial security and stability. Without their grounding energy we would be flying through life by the seat of our pants. Earth sign individuals often provide us with the persistence and follow through it takes in life to succeed. They do not often give up on adversity or commitments, and above all, they do not like change!

Taurus - Give Me Some Stability

Taurus is the first of the earth signs and the second of the spring signs. This is the time when mother earth is sprouting forth an abundance of beautiful flowers and vegetation, slowly preparing us for the leap into springtime. Whereas the Aries energy, which marks the first point of Spring, may spark enthusiastic beginnings, it is the Taurus energy which is needed to follow through to completion. The Taurean need to keep things permanent and consistent is an inner need of the uncertainty of what might happen if they didn’t. Security is important to Taureans, not so much for the security of personal ownership as it is to have things stable and consistent. Why do so many Taureans feel that they must establish their world in set patterns and rule out the unpredictable? It may well spring from the sense of insecurity or need for survival of this sign. Taurus is a young springtime sign, possessing the vigor and vulnerability of youth. Young tender shoots sprout their heads above the ground and fight off hungry animals, frost, and heat in order to survive. It is the ability to be beaten to the ground, only to rise again and again with the renewed determination to keep right on growing to maturity. It is the earth element in us that makes us want things to be rock-firm.

Taureans need to know that they have a solid base from which to work. The base may be a home, a steady and secure job, or a solid family life. Taureans have a have a strong power and drive, yet because of their laid back nature and because they take their time in starting things, people tend to underestimate them. Once they commit to a job or relationship they will stay with it long after every one else has either given up from boredom or frustration. Actually there are many Taureans who avoid work quite as zealously as other embrace it. Or they may become quite self indulgent in food, drink or sexual pleasures (due to the Venus rulership).

One of the greatest lessons for a Taurus is that of faith. Your delusion that you must grip your realities as if your very survival depended on it must be transmuted to surrendering to the cosmic plan in which everything ultimately works out.

Virgo – Let’s Get to the Details

Virgo is the next of the earth signs and the last of the summer signs. Sun signs represent a growing awareness of one’s destined role in life and Virgo’s annual cycle marks the point of questioning life’s basic values. The earthly quality of Virgo is different from that of Taurus. In Taurus, the soil is soft and rich and ready to sprout forth with vegetation. Now it is late summer, the ground has become parched and dry. Cracks appear in the earth’s surface and clods of dirt stand separate from one another. This is the mood of Virgo, a season for examining things in fine detail, for probing for distinctions between things, for separation and analysis. If your sun is in Virgo, you seek to identify your sense of ego through your powers of discrimination. Virgo’s have a natural gift for any work involving attention to fine detail. Whereas other signs seek fulfillment expanding their energies, Virgos seek it in concentrating them. Virgos have a natural love for putting things neatly where they belong. They like rules, procedures and orderly existence and a sense of structure to survive. Discrimination is their special technique for breaking out of the ropes that bind mankind, for the real bond of man consists of the heavy, self-tied ropes of his own delusion. Virgo’s special fulfillment lies in using his fine gift for analysis to untie those complicated knots.

Virgo is a season of harvest, and the attitude of Virgos is similarly one of genuine and humble service of analysis with a useful purpose.

Virgos, despite their wish to be helpful in the advice they give, have a reputation for being hypercritical. Virgo’s highly developed critical faculties, giving him the flair for fine detail, make him a perfectionist.

If you are a Virgo, your spiritual growth lies in turning your critical gaze away from others and back to yourself. It is easier for you than for most people to see through the delusions to which the main thrust of humanity cling. Therefore, you must strive to use this talent to banish all illusions from your own consciousness and penetrate to deeper levels of true insight.

Your mission in life is not to spend your time pointing out to people the absurdity of their delusions, but to show them by your example the freedom that can be developed by exercising true discrimination; the freedom that comes from doing one’s duty in life without personal attachment.

Capricorn: Let’s get to Hard Reality

Capricorn is the last of the earth signs and the first of the winter signs. The winter solstice marks the point at which the sun’s influence on man’s consciousness begins to turn inward. The loss of ego consciousness which this solstice implies marks the culmination of Sagittarius’s expansive influence. For Capricorn, it implies the beginning of a serious search for impersonal realities. Capricorn, the last of the earth signs, represents earth in its last states of refinement, the rocks, minerals and gems into which it condenses over eons of time. The Capricorn energy is that of concentration, and an ability to condense facts into small precious stones of truth. The key to Capricorn’s influence is its power to awaken in the ego a desire to bring reality into sharp, impersonal focus and concentration. If your sun is in Capricorn, you tend to want to seek your sense of ego identity though your keen sense of reality.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of contraction, and suggests great powers of concentration and an ability to condense facts into precious stones of truth. If your inner concentrative energy is directed primarily downward, it will make you a down to earth, practical materialist who may feel little sympathy for esthetic or spiritual ideals. If you concentrate this energy in an upward direction, this same energy can lead to the heights of divine wisdom. The more you can direct this energy upward in aspiration, rather than downward, the clearer your vision will be. In any case, your deepest instinct is to see behind the facade of things, to penetrate to the heart of whatever reality you comprehend. The more you concentrate your energy upward, the more clearly you see the shallowness of most human interest. In this case, your focus will grow progressively to deeper levels of reality until your goal becomes the realization of eternal truth. At this level, Capricorn, so often considered the most materialistic of the twelve signs, becomes in a sense the most spiritual. It would be well for all of us to develop some of Capricorn’s qualities: for instance, its capacity for unsentimental realism. Capricorns help us realize the stark reality that life is not always quite as it appears to be. The great yogi Paramhansa Yogananda, himself a Capricorn, stressed in this teachings the epitome of this sign, "Concentration is the key to success".

Gifts of the Earth Signs

The earth elements in man, expressed in the earth signs – Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, suggest certain human qualities that are important for everyone to develop: firm resolution, dedication to one’s ideals, and practical idealism on questions of truth, honor or justice. Our earth sign individuals help us ground our principles and ideals into practical realism. They can provide the practical application of spiritual principles and ideals into our everyday daily existence on planet earth. They provide the grounded energy and stability needed to keep us connected to the joys of being spiritual beings in a physical body and enjoying earthly existence.


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