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Air Signs - Keepers of the Mind

Soaring to new Intellectual Heights

In my last article, I continued the series on the different expressions of the four types of sun signs- fire, earth, air and water. In this month’s article I would like to elaborate on the air signs – Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Air signs represent mental energy, the realm of ideas and the communication of these ideas. Air signs are concerned with how and why things work; they strive for the logical solution to an issue, tend to rationalize their feelings and find an intellectual reason why something must be as it is. Air signs are communicators – they love to exchange ideas, engage in lively discussions, and for the most part are social beings who like to discuss ideas with others. Of the twelve signs, these three tend to be the intellectual “eggheads” and like to be acknowledged for their intellectual abilities.

Gemini – Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

Gemini is the first of the air signs and the last of the spring signs. Like the spring signs Aries and Taurus, Gemini also carries a mood of youth and enthusiasm. As the first of the air signs, Gemini suggests the refreshing surge of fresh air and movement after mother earth’s long winter confinement. If your sun is in Gemini, your basic energy drive is one that gravitates to the power of ideas. You seek to impress others with your quick mind and witty nature. Although you are well informed and good at formalizing your ideas, others may see you as rather flippant and shallow. Although people love your quick wit and charming personality, you may not be particularly sensitive in understanding or appreciating others.

Gemini’s inclination to create whirlwind theories from thin air can, if positively directed, lead to a highly creative genius. Yet if negatively directed these same theories will remain in the air – talked about but not acted upon. Gemini, the last of the spring signs, must also incorporate the basic characteristics of the other two spring signs, Aries and Taurus. Gemini must have the starting energy of Aries and the carry through of Taurus; otherwise, his ideas will not be put into useful form and will remain only ideas with no practical application. He will flit from one brilliant idea to another but accomplish little. Fickleness and unreliability are characteristics of Geminis who are too attached to their own subjective thought processes. The developed Gemini has an ability to see many sides of a subject and many possibilities in situations that may appear to be dead ends to other people.

Libra – Let’s Get Balanced

Aries is the first of the spring signs. Libra is the first of the autumn signs. The fiery enthusiasm of Aries is offset by Libra. Whereas the first instinct of Aries is to become involved, that of Libra is to withdraw from over-involvement. Libra is an autumn mood. It harmonizes well with the bright colors of fading leaves. Libra is the second of the air signs. Its influence suggests air spreading outward in search of equilibrium. Like air, Libra’s influence indicates no calculated search, but rather a free flowing, windy one day, calm the next spirit very much like the changeable weather of autumn. Libra represents the ego in its first, tentative search for inner identity.

If your sun is in Libra you seek to express your identity by externalizing your inner sense of harmony. The Libran instinct to withdraw from involvement is a necessary part of the search for harmony and balance. Your love of harmony expresses itself objectively in your human relationships. True friendship and true harmony mean much to you. Your unselfishness where close friends are concerned may give the impression your interest is focused wholly in their interest not on your own search.

The tendency of the air element in human nature is, as we have seen in Gemini, to rise above mundane earthy realities. With Libra, ruled by Venus, this soaring takes the form of lofty idealism rather than abstract ideas. Whereas Gemini’s mood is one of restless upward movement, the air element of Libra seeks a steady, high altitude. But the need in both cases is the same. Unless this air element in man can be related to solid, practical realities, it can easily live in the lofty realm of intellectual idealism and lose all touch with the crude reality of earthly life. Libra can inspire such a rose-colored approach to life that it needs the balance of the more earthly qualities which Venus achieves in its other sign, Taurus.

Librans have an inner knowing that worldly good fortune could quickly be shattered at a moment’s notice. Thus their happiness must be connected to the inner soul-consciousness if it is to endure.

Aquarius - Search For the Vision

Aquarius is the second of the winter signs and the last of the air signs. It suggests air no longer rising to great heights as if to escape earthly contamination, but rather descending from these heights, offering vitality and cool, refreshing breezes impartially to all. The key to the influence of this sign is a sense of the essential rightness of universal law and a corresponding wish to bring all things into harmony with that law.

If your sun is in Aquarius you seek to acknowledge your identity by impressing upon others your own vision of universal law. You are a person of deep vision, with the capacity to transform lofty thoughts into practical action. Your true vision is your sense of commitment to your own abstract vision of truth and to bring people and things into harmony with that vision. On the highest level, the Aquarian gift of connecting to universal principles can manifest itself outwardly in the purest kinds of humanitarian love. Yet an imbalance between this inner vision and outward action can result in contradictions. Inwardly, you may feel full of universal love, outwardly, you may see people only as threats to that ideal, and may suspect your truest friends of infidelity. There is an old cliche that is so appropriate to Aquarian energy, “I love humanity, it’s people I can’t stand”! If the Aquarian energies become negatively directed perhaps because your ideals seem unattainable, you may lose all sense of your personal mission in life. Inwardly, Aquarians can feel quite alone the world.

You have probably made many attempts in your lifetime to become more personal in your friendships with others, because they expect it of you. Yet just when you thought that you were getting really close to people your strong sense of duty blurred your focus on intimacy. That is because your real key to happiness lies in becoming truly impersonal in surrendering your own ego and opening to the universal stream of consciousness. In this way the divine law will work through you perfectly, uplifting others even without any conscious effort on your own part. You of all signs see God acting through you and in all mankind. Realize that pervading the universe, there is but one reality. Live more and more in that blissful state of awareness.

The Gift of the Air Signs

Air signs incorporate into our lives the gifts of using our mental visions, ideas and idealism. Air signs stimulate our thought processes and bring forth mental visions of how we want our life to unfold. Air signs are communicators of ideas and without ideas and communication we would be but a stagnant, boring mass of humanity. Air signs stimulate us to open our minds up to new possibilities and ideas, so that we can keep growing and expanding. Without the exchange of ideas our minds become withered and growth on all level ceases.

We all have something of the air element in us. It is the capacity of the mind to break free of the limitations of habit and tradition, of the physical bondage of the earth element in us and to soar to new heights of intellectual discovery. Creative ideas, useful inventions, new solutions to old problems all owe their discovery to this upward soaring spirit in man. The air signs are an essential part of integrating this needed virtue into our lives so that humanity may evolve to a higher state of mental acuity.


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